Discover Kolhapur

Mahalaxmi temple Kolhapur

The temple belongs, architecturally, to the Kannada Chalukya empire, and may are initially designed circa 700 AD. Mounted on a stone platform, the image of the four-armed and topped immortal is created of gem and weighs concerning 40 kilograms. The image of Mahalakshmi sculptured in black stone is three feet tall. The Shri yantra is sculptured on one in all the walls within

Panhala Fort Kolhapur

Panhala lies on the Sahyadri chain of mountains and is settled within the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. it's concerning twenty-two km to the northwest of Kolhapur on the Kolhapur-Ratnagiri road and is at an altitude of 3177 feet higher than water level.Almost all the holiday packages to Panhala embrace a tour to Ambarkhana. The Ambarkhana was designed by the Marathas and it homes

Rankala Lake Kolhapur

It is unbelievable that this lake started off as a stone quarry within the ninth century AD, an earthquake created a structural shift and underground water flooded the quarry changing it into a natural lake. The lake takes its name from the Rankabhairav temple that is believed to be submerged at the middle of the lake.The circumference of the lake is four.

Radhanagari Dam Kolhapur

Radhanagari Sanctuary is enclosed in World Heritage Sites. Radhanagari Sanctuary is found within the Western Ghats of the nine most sensitive places within the world. it's a crucial jungle in Sahyadri, connecting the south and northwest valleys. This includes the semi-forest kind. The premises of Radhanagari Sanctuary on the west of Kolhapur district are five sq.

Panchaganga Kolhapur

Panchganga is a famed water-body within the Indian town of Kolhapur. it's a major stream and a tributary of the stream Krishna that flows through the borders of Kolhapur and is made by the opposite four rivers. These rivers are called Kasari, Kumbhi, Tulsi, and Bhagwati. it's a significant traveler attraction and is visited by tourists from totally different components of the state