Radhanagari Dam Kolhapur

Radhanagari Dam

Radhanagari Sanctuary is enclosed in World Heritage Sites. Radhanagari Sanctuary is found within the Western Ghats of the nine most sensitive places within the world. it's a crucial jungle in Sahyadri, connecting the south and northwest valleys. This includes the semi-forest kind. The premises of Radhanagari Sanctuary on the west of Kolhapur district are five sq. That M Is. it's a median elevation of nine to six feet higher than sea level and also the average rain here is 5 to 8 meters. M Is.

The jungle of Dajipur is a component of Radhanagari Sanctuary. within the past, it absolutely was a forest reserved for hunters. once the merger of the Kolhapur Institute within the state of Maharashtra, the Dajipur Village Sanctuary of Dajipur Forest was established in 1939. The forest space encompassing Radhanagari and Kalamawadi Dam was given the standing of Radhanagari Sanctuary in 1979. The dense jungle strips here area unit referred to as dams. The hills here are giant rocks of the Jamba rock. made variety is found in dense forests on roadsides and in rocks.

Radhanagari Dam

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